What is Analytics-Enabled Retrocommissioning?

We use sophisticated analytics software to study your building’s energy use remotely and determine if it will benefit from energy-saving measures. If your building proves a good candidate, we’ll follow-up with an in-person retrocommissioning investigation — all at no cost to you. We will also provide assistance, technical direction and incentives for the implementation of the energy-saving measures we’ve identified for your building. Finally, we’ll set you up with an online energy dashboard so you can see your energy savings grow.

Results in a Typical Building

While actual energy savings and project costs can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, type of building, and as-found condition of equipment, an Analytics-Enabled Retrocommissioning project can typically:

  • Deliver 5 percent energy savings
  • Cost around 10 percent of your annual energy costs to implement
  • Earn PG&E incentives to cover up to 100 percent of project cost

Learn more

Download the PG&E Analytics-Enabled Retrocommissioning fact sheet to learn more about the process, benefits, and incentives.

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Eliot Crowe
Program Manager